Membership and Board


If you are already a member of the American Anthropological Association, then annual dues for joining the EAS are $5 for students, and $10 for non-students. If you are not a member of the AAA, or need to renew your membership, then you can join using this website. Be sure to add EAS as a section membership!

If you are a current member of AAA and simply need to add EAS to your list of sections, follow the instructions at this link for adding a section.


Springer.Science offers a discounted subscription to the journal Human Nature to Evolutionary Anthropology Society members. You can phone Springer at 1-800-Springer, e-mail at or go to the website to place a subscription order.

Jane B. Lancaster, Editor, Human Nature

Professor of Anthropology, University of New Mexico


On behalf of the election committee of Pete Richerson, Brooke Scelza, and myself we announce the new EAS officers following our recent elections:

•President-Elect: Mary Shenk

•Member-at-Large: Rebecca Sear & Daniel Hruschk

•Student Representative: Anne Pisor

The newly elected members will take office at the November meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Denver, Colorado.

The election committee would like to thank all of those who ran for office and we are pleased to note the high voting turn-out.  More than 85% of eligible voters voted in the election!


In addition, the EAS board has appointed Katie Starkweather and Melanie Martin to succeed Siobhan Mattison and Adam Boyette as EAS column editors for Anthropology News.  We give a big thanks to Siobhan and Adam for the work they have done and assistance in the transition.


Finally we also thank Frank Marlowe for serving as president these last six years as well as board members Mary Shenk, Brooke Scelza, and Katie Starkweather.


Hope to see you all in Denver,


Raymond Hames

EAS President


Board members:

Raymond Hames, Past-President (2016-18)

Peter Richerson, President (2016-18)

Mary Shenk, President-Elect (2016-18)

Dawn Neill, Secretary/Treasurer (2012-16)

Karen Kramer, Member-at-Large (2014-18)

Jeffrey Winking, Member-at-Large (2014-18)

Rebecca Sear, Member-at-Large (2016-20)

Daniel Hruschka, Member-at-Large (2016-20)

Katie Starkweather, Contributing Co-Editor (2016-20)*

Melanie Martin, Contributing Co-Editor (2016-20)*

Bria Dunham, Webmaster (2012-16)*

Past Board Members:

Frank Marlowe

Brooke Scelza

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder

Donna Leonetti

John Ziker

Pat Draper

Michael Alvard

Eric A. Smith

Tim Earle

Lee Cronk

Patricia C Draper

Elizabeth Cashdan

David Nolin

James Boster

Bill Irons

Jane Lancaster

Mary Shenk

Brian Wood

John Patton

Carol Ember

Shane Macfarlan

*: Non-voting members